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A formal introduction

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Bridget Farr is an author, actor, and educator. She's been an elementary and middle school teacher her entire career, most recently in the sixth-grade Humanities program at an urban public school. She has a Master's from the University of Texas at Austin and plans to become an elementary school principal. Bridget is also an actor and producer and has starred in award-winning plays, produced a popular theatre series, and written a short film. Pavi Sharma's Guide to Going Home is her debut novel. She lives in Austin, Texas, with her partner, Shiva, and the neighborhood cat, Sherman. Bridget is represented by Melissa Edwards at Stonesong Literary Agency.

Education is my family business.

My grandpa became a science teacher after he returned from WWII. My dad was my high school principal, and my mom taught kindergarten for 32 years. My older sister teaches eighth-grade biology. (My little sister went rogue and became a nurse.)

Before moving to Austin, I spent nearly a decade with the Montana Migrant Education program. Since then, I've taught ESL and theater at a small charter academy, supported first generation college graduates with Breakthrough Central Texas, and served diverse students in the Humanities magnet program at an urban public school.

As a champion of social justice, I weave students' language and culture into every lesson and support students through difficult conversations about identity, race, and human rights. And as a future principal, I'm ready to promote a school vision that celebrates diversity, say yes to the big dreams teachers have, and provide equitable outcomes for all students. I'm proud to continue my family business.