The Truth About Everything

The Truth About Everything front cover

Students have no legal right to the type of education they receive. Most states require an education of some kind, but what if you didn't want the education your parents chose for you? Although Lark's family veers far from any definition of "home school," the idea that a teenager would not have the ability to choose something as life-altering as their education is shocking.

Finding truth is like predicting the rain. Nothing I can hold on to. Nothing to be sure about.

The writing of this book aligned with the rise of conspiracy theories around the 2020 election and the coronavirus pandemic. I empathized with the teens who struggled to find truth when their homes were cloaked in disinformation. Even when the relationship with one's caregivers is not skewed as Lark's, learning how your own beliefs differ from those who raised you is always a confusing—and often painful—part of growing up. Lark's story is familiar for all of us who seek to find truth in this murky time.

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